I have been working professionally for more than 20 years in the creative, technical and performance areas of the music business and release my own music whenever I can.

Scroll down to check out some of the personal and commercial projects I have been involved with over the years.

Please feel free to get in touch if you hear something you like or if you are looking for someone to help see your project through to completion. Thanks for visiting!

Departure is my most recent cd, created in collaboration with the NYC trombonist Nelson Foltz and with lyrics by Juliette Commagere. It is a hybrid of jazz harmony, ambient soundscapes and popular song forms. You can listen to some of it below, read a review here or here, or buy it from iTunes. More information at

Composed Parallel Worlds for the 'Oceans and Atmospheres' compilation by Deep Lever records, a project led by the LA composer Michael Bross. You can download the entire cd here.

As Audio Supervisor for Golden Alligator Interactivities, I did the audio production and composed original music for the 'Mission Finanzcheck' online ad campaign for the Deutsche Sparkassen Verlag. This included navigation sounds, music for 3 short interactive films - each with an alternate ending - and music beds for the main menu. I also recorded the voice-overs which included the talents of Dietmar Wunder and Engelbert von Nordhausen. The project was a finalist for a Kress award for online advertising and though it is not archived online anywhere, there is a short 'making-of' documentary (in German) here.

Created original music for a series of videos from the Berliner Sparkasse explaining their customer service options. Each of the 6 videos has a slightly different version of the music. You can watch one of them here.
Also wrote theme music for a series of animated Berliner Sparkasse videos explaining their financial service products and concepts such as retirement planning. There are currently 10 videos. One of them is here.

In collaboration with Nelson Foltz, I conceived and created the 5-cd Still Life series. Soundscapes and rhythms of magical realism created entirely without electronic instruments. The series has been played frequently on my two favorite radio shows: Echoes and Hearts of Space. More information is here and all of the cds are available from iTunes.

Created and produced original music for this product video from Padnity.

Styron produces high-performance plastics for the auto industry. So what is the sound of high-performance plastic? I don't know either, but that didn't stop me from doing music and sound design for one of their product videos.

Surya Namaskar is meant to accompany the yoga sun salutation. It is the Sanskrit mantras chanted over an ambient music background. 24 repetitions of the mantras complete one cycle. I created this for my own practice then made it freely available for anyone who wants to use it.

Giropay is an online payment system. I composed original music for a series of videos explaining to personal and business customers how their service works.

Composed and produced 'For Roland Posner', a spoken word/music hybrid piece with text by Ulrike Warmuth and published by Stauffenburg as part of '68 Signs for Roland Posner'. Available (in German) from Amazon.

Worked on the Tino Sehgal segment of the ballet program 'Sehgal, Peck, Forsythe, Pite' at the Paris Opera. Programmed mockups for the rehearsals, prepared the score and parts and rehearsed the band, Original music by Ari Benjamin Meyers.

Mastered 'Ich hasse Musik', a cd by die Damenkapelle.

Tracked and mixed the orignal music for As Time Goes by in Shanghai a film by Uli Gaulke. Music by Ari Benjamin Meyers. More info here.

Mixed and mastered 'Winterlicht', a cd by Matthias Arndt and featuring Julia Henke.
More information here.

I worked on the Trailhead cd 'Leave me to Learn' with Leonardo von Papp. We tracked it together, he mixed it and I mastered it. Produced by Tobias Panwitz with Paul Keeves on bass and Henry Grant on drums. More information at

Tracked, mixed and mastered 'The Definitive Collection vol. 1' by The Blackbird. Also did some sound design ('jazz guitar floating', 'The Joker' and 'By') and played a saxophone solo ('Halfway There'). There were a lot of talented musicians involved with this one - too numerous to list. More information is at or you can stream the entire cd from Soundcloud.

Mastered the cd 'Our Friendship' by Eddie Pollock.

Transcribed and did MIDI programming for a snippet of Verdi to use in a cue for the David Krippendorf film 'Nothing Escapes my Eyes'. More info at

I do freelance copy/engraving work (Sibelius and Finale) and have worked for Boosey & Hawkes, Bärenreiter, G. Schirmer, Tan Dun, the Ernst Krenek Institute, Elena Kats-Chernin and others. I have also written a few guest blog posts about notation software here.

Binaural field recording of the sound installation 'Teque-Teque' by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.

Tracked and mixed 'All I Want for Christmas' by Shannon Callahan and The Blackbird. A nice reminder that Christmas isn't about material things. Watch the video here.

Co-Produced The Longing Hours cd by Nelson Foltz. This was our first attempt at trying to use a jazz vocabulary with pop and ambient elements and planted the seeds for the later Still Life stuff. It features a lot of great musicians from the NY scene - most notably Carolyn Leonhart and MaryAnne Marino on vocals. I played bass clarinet and alto flute on 'I See You Again'.

Audio production for interactive books from the Berliner Fraktalwerk publishing house.

Worked closely with the composer Ari Benjamin Meyers to completely re-work his 'Symphony X' from the 17-piece Redux Orchestra original to a version for full orchestra with 14 winds, 11 brass, 3 percussionists, strings, electric guitar and electric bass. The piece was premiered in May 2015 by the Brandenburger Symphoniker.

Tracked, mixed and mastered the first German cast cd of 13 - the musical from the Halle Opera House. We tracked the band (Markus Syperek - MD/keys, Tobias Kabiersch - bass, Greg Dinunzi - gtr., Hannes Dullinger - drums) in Berlin at Paul Linke Studios, then recorded the cast on-site in Halle. Greg Dinunzi produced.

Tracked, mixed and mastered 'Es war einmal' for the Brüder Grimm Festspiel. Original music by Markus Syperek, book by Frank-Lorenz Engels.

Prepared the 3-part score (nearly 40 feet long in total) for The Breathing Line, a collaboration between Anri Sala and Ari Benjamin Meyers exhibited at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Co-produced (with Nelson Foltz) sessions at Clinton Studios in Manhattan for the cd tentatively titled 'Just Another Girl' by Jim Pugh and Kristin Berardi. It featured a lot of great NY musicians like Kenny Werner and Ken Ascher on piano, Steve Benson and Gerry Leonard on guitar and Bill Campbell on drums. Tracked by Troy Halderman and mixed by Dennis Wall. The project has unfortunately never been released.

Tracked 50 songs in 5 days for each of the play-along cds to the Piano gefällt mir series of books at rhythmus studio in Berlin. Edited and mixed/mastered the last two.

'Aschenputtel' for the Brüder Grimm Festspiel. Someone thought it would be a good idea to track, edit and mix a 26-song musical in three days...they were wrong. Original music by Marc Schubring, mastered by Patrick Penot.

Created several hybrid sound design/music cues for the original Modern Theater of Myth production of 'The Fourth Wise Man'.

Audio production for several editions of the Little Ezra - Tales for Kids iOS app.
More information at

For Bettina Meske I tracked the song 'Schön wenn Du weinst' which is on the 'Musical Emotions' compilation cd available here. I also tracked and mixed 'The Moon Song' which she submitted for consideration to the Eurovision Song Contest. There is a video here.

Tracked the band for the 'Laura's Stern' cd at rhythmus studio in Berlin. Original music by Niclas Ramdohr.

Tracked the band for the 'Apocalypso' cd by Ingo Naujoks at rhythmus studio in Berlin. Original music by Niclas Ramdohr.

Post-production for a bunch of audio books. Usually involves cleaning up the final version with iZotope RX but occasionally also editing the raw material against the manuscript and/or mastering.

Spent 4 days at Thilo Kuhn's studio in Degenfeld. Not only is it 100% analog but all the equipment is vintage 60's and 70's. Very cool place. I did flute overdubs there for the Monsieur Mo Rio cd 'The Sun Express'. You can hear samples and buy it from Bandcamp.

Wrote some horn charts and played tenor sax on the Coyote Love debut cd. Check it out here.

Played flute on a few songs and mixed one of them for 'Wrap Them Up', a cd by David John Hull. More information here.

Wrote the horn parts and played tenor sax on 'Let's Get Married' from the MaryAnne Marino EP 'A Little Something'. With Nelson Foltz on trombone and Michael Leonhart on trumpet and recorded at his studio in NYC.

Wrote the horn parts and played tenor sax on the Drop Band cd 'Dropout' for which I also acted as executive producer. We spent three days doing basics at a residence studio in upstate NY. Good band, good times. Two of the songs were used as source music and end-credit music for the Chris Claridge film Flophouse.

Played bass and some tenor sax on 'Almost Forgotten Tales' by at home. Availble from iTunes.

Back in the day I toured with a bunch of musicals. One of them was the European tour of 'Hair' for which I also did the cast cd. Fun fact: Adam Lambert was on this tour as well.

I just like this picture. It is of me soloing with the Duquesne University jazz ensemble with Tony Williams as guest artist on drums. I felt like a squirrel who accidentally wandered onto some railroad tracks with a freight train coming. I can only imagine how much he didn't dig this but he was kind.

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